Welcome To Ayushman Hospital

Ayushman hospital is a center of excellence for bone & joint problem management.

Our 360 degree approach to treatment has made us the preferred choice for treating all types of musculo-skeletal related problems from trauma care to Arthroscopy, sports medicine, joint replacement surgery and limb reconstructions.

Ayushman hospital is a one stop center for management of all types of injuries due to fall, road side accident and sports injuries. It is a specialized center offering minimally invasive treatment of all joint problems supported by physiotherapy and rehabilitation lab.

We have comprehensive package for trauma, arthroscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery.

We have in-house facilities for radiology, all modern techniques of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

We have ultra modern international standard modular operation theater equipped with laminar flow supported with well trained medical and paramedical staff.

So, whether it is Trauma surgery, minimally invasive arthroscopy surgery, Joint replacement surgery or non surgical rehabilitation; our orthopedic surgeon, physician, sports medicine specialists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, will do whatever it takes to get you back to leading a full , active & independent life.

Profile of Dr. Ashutosh Agarwal

The center for trauma, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement surgery is headed by Dr Ashutosh Agarwal. After completing his post graduation in orthopedics, he worked for six years in New Delhi with leading arthroscopists and joint replacement surgeons of India.

He is an established expert in the management of all types of injuries , arthroscopic surgery of knee and shoulder and joint replacement surgery.

Dr Ashutosh Agarwal has provided services in the field of trauma , Arthroscopy and sports medicine to various sports players of U.P. & Bihar.

He has various articles in the field of sports medicine and joint replacement published in the leading news papers & journals.

He has experience of conducting workshops for providing training to doctors in the field of arthroscopy and joint replacement surgery.